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Quarterly E-Newsletter

The quarterly WATESOL E-Newsletter is provided free to WATESOL members. Please click here to access the Members’ Area to access copies of our E-Newsletters and also our Digests and other Learning and Assessment Materials like the Mock EALD/ATAR WACE Exam materials.

Newsletter Submissions

Articles, reports, notices, advertisements, reviews or any other item for inclusion in the journal should be emailed or posted to president@watesol.org.au

Guidelines for Writing an article for the E-Newsletter

  • Content need not be formal but can also be ‘chatty’ in style, and can be light and entertaining as well as informative.
  • Contributions should be typed in 12pt Times New Roman, with no formatting.
  • Contributor’s name and work location or field of interest should be provided.
  • Sources to be cited wherever possible.
  • Copyright regulations must be observed.
  • The editor reserves the right to edit articles that are accepted for publication.

Suggested Topics

  • A day in the life of an ESL teacher
  • Review useful resources, e.g. books, programs, websites, games.
  • Learning styles
  • Assessment
  • Pedagogy
  • Customs/cross-cultural issues
  • Language across the curriculum
  • Report on a conference or seminar
  • Using technology in the classroom
  • “How to teach” pronunciation/reading/writing/spelling/etc.
  • “A good lesson on teaching” grammar/ speaking/ listening/ etc.
  • A personal perspective on teaching

University of Wollongong’s Summer Institute

The University of Wollongong’s School of Education is pleased to host the third annual Summer Institute from 14 – 17 January 2014.  


English as an Additional language or Dialect is a frontline focus in the national curriculum and is an acknowledgement of the need to meet the learning requirements of all students. This Institute will take a practical approach to orientating primary and high school teachers to the demands of working successfully with EAL/D curriculum and students in their classrooms. Focuses will include discussing and interpreting the Australian Curriculum prescriptions for EAL/D learners; strategies for assessing EAL/D learner needs and progress; classroom pedagogies that acknowledge and build upon learners’ bilingual and multilingual backgrounds and language proficiencies; and strategies for gathering data and researching classroom practice to improve outcomes. This institute provides an opportunity to share experiences and expertise with colleagues in the context of exploring issues around the challenges of supporting EAL/D learners in mainstream classrooms. Completion of the institute, and subsequent assessment under the subject code EDGT930, enables participants to claim advanced standing in the Faculty TESOL postgraduate program.



Have you ever considered teaching English overseas? Have you ever dreamed about volunteering as an English teacher to children in Africa or landing a paid position as a private language school teacher in Japan or as a college instructor in China? This four day intensive Certificate in Teaching English Overseas will provide you with the basic skills and knowledge to successfully embark on an unforgettable experience as an English language teacher in a foreign country. This course will couple “hands-on” practical experience in teaching English with in-depth discussions of “critical issues” or “hot topics” concerning living and working abroad . Practical topics will include lesson planning, materials development and techniques for teaching listening, speaking, pronunciation, reading, writing and grammar to diverse groups of learners. Completion of the course and an individual project qualifies participants to claim advanced standing in a postgraduate level TESOL course. No teaching experience is required.


Below is some general information regarding the Summer Institute including how to register.


The Institute provides educational professionals and others with accredited, face-to-face courses delivered by leading experts in areas including Assessment, Grammar, Special Education, and by popular demand, our offerings now include English Language Teaching, Quantitative Research, Oracy and more. The Institute has grown to include workshops (‘Summer Shorts’) and one-day courses in addition to the four-day intensive courses and Master classes.  Dr Phil Lambert, General Manager – Curriculum at ACARA, will deliver a Keynote addressing the topic of curriculum change, and this theme is reflected in the workshops and courses offered during the week.


Details of the conference for your information and to register are on our website http://socialsciences.uow.edu.au/education/other/summerinstitute2014/index.html

Two Way Learning Seminar, 13/08/13

In August WATESOL and MLTAWA members gathered at the Hyogo Prefectural Government Cultural Centre in City Beach for a Two Way Learning Seminar by Professor Ian Malcolm and Professor Koji Maeda.

The powerpoint of Professor Malcolm’s presentation is attached here: IM Navigating Aboriginal Perspectives in Australia

Professor Ainu’s PowerPoint presentation is also attached: The Mutual-Learning Urespa Project – Koji Maeda along with links to information about the Ainu people and Two Way Learning in Japan:

“TOKYO Ainu”, a short video with English captions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyTGlEcAze4

A related website about the Tokyo Ainu is here: http://www.2kamuymintara.com/film/eng/top.htm

Professor Ian Malcolm with Patsy Konigsberg
Professor Ian Malcolm with Patsy Konigsberg
Professor Koji Maeda
Professor Koji Maeda

Think $4000 public school fees for 457 visa-holders’ children is unfair?

Here’s a link to a 457 Visa Student Petition by the SSTUWA in Dropbox:
457 Visa Student Petition.pdf

Or try these links to the SSTUWA website:

457 Visa Student Fees Rally + Petition

457 Visa Students have the right to a public education. $4000 fee per child per year is unaffordable, unfair and unexpected. Join the rally to stop the school fee!
Click here for further information
Sign the petition!
Click here for the petition

Member feedback on changes to our constitution invited

Dear members,

The WATESOL Committee, in consultation with honorary life members and mentors, has drafted a range of changes to our Constitution (see attached Constitution in pdf format, plus a Word document outlining proposed changes).

We invite you to comment on the changes by 5pm, 19 September.  Some of the changes are just fixing typographical errors, but others are more substantial, in particular Point 1, which outlines pros and cons of a name change.

Our committee will consider any feedback and may make further adjustments to the draft changes, before each change is voted upon at our 31/10 Annual General meeting, which we hope you will pop in your diaries!


Proposed changes to WATESOL Constitution2013

Kind regards,

Kate Mullin Award call for nominations

Dear members,
WATESOL is proud to support the work of the Kate Mullin Association and announce the launch of the Kate Mullin Award for excellence in improving language and literacy outcomes of Aboriginal EAL/D students.
The Kate Mullin Award has been created in memory of Kate Mullin, past WATESOL President, an educator who worked passionately and tirelessly to improve outcomes for Aboriginal EAL/D learners.
Applications are due September 16. Please distribute the attached flier (with details) to interested collegues. Kate_Mullin_Award[1]

The Award will be presented at the WATESOL AGM on 31/10/2013.  We are aware that the AGM date on the attached flier is incorrect, but would like to get the call out for applicants ASAP regardless.