International Professional Learning Opportunities

Asia and the Pacific

Date Location Details
7-8 Oct 2017 Indonesia ELTLT : The 6th UNNES International Conference on English Language Teaching, Literature and Translation The English Department of State University of Semarang, Indonesia wishes to invite leading linguists, researchers, scholars and teachers/lecturers/students in Beyond 21st Century Education in ELT, Literature and Translation: Linking Theories to Contextualized Practices. This international conference aims to exchange and share experiences and research findings in English Language Teaching, Literature, and Translation. It also provides the interdisciplinary forum for researchers, practitioners and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, concerns, practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted in the field of English Language Teaching, Literature, and Translation.
14 Oct 2017 Japan Language Education, Tourism, and Culture in a Globalized Society: Issues and Prospects Scholars from Kanazawa and around the world are welcome to come and share their research on topics concerning language education, tourism and culture in our increasingly global society.
18-19 Oct 2017 Indonesia ICLA 2017: International Conference on Language and Arts This 6th International Conference on Language and Arts (ICLA) elevates a theme “Innovation in Language and Arts”. Innovation refers to the introduction and creation of new products, ideas, skills, and services that improve an organization or society. It is usually motivated by the desire to change the status quo (which is of course not always bad) to bring about more effective outcomes.

Oct 2017

Beijing, China New! CACIE 2017 This conference is acclaimed as the leading event for overseas institutions to expand their presence in the world’s potentially largest market, CACIE provides a platform in form of a Education Forum B2B and and Expo, linking education institutions in and outside China to establish partnership between the institutions and develop education programs for exchange and collaborations.
20-21 Oct 2017 Indonesia I-Collate: The 2nd International Conference On Literacy, Linguistics, and Language Teaching This conference is designed to facilitate educators, linguists, teaching practitioners, policy makers, researchers and anyone who are interested in any matter related to literacy, linguistics, and language teaching to:

share and explore insights on critical views of literacy, how it develops, affects, and shapes a nation as is reflected in its civilians’ way of thinking and deeds; critically discuss different theoretical perspectives in linguistics and language teaching as how they can be exploited to promote and enhance the national literacy level; examine any available challenges, opportunities, and resources existed either inside or outside classrooms and school contexts in augmenting literacy skills.

20-22 Oct 2017 China CELEA 2017: The 8th International Conference on English Language Teaching (ELT) in China The conference theme is:  English Language Teaching in a Global World: New Perspectives, New Methodologies
21-22 Oct 2017 South Korea The 25th Annual Korea TESOL International Conference & PAC 2017 The theme is “Why Are We Here?  Analogue Learning in a Digital Era.” In an age of user-controlled virtual-learning environments, why do people leave the comfort of their home to go to a large venue with hundreds of people they don’t know? So, will you be here? Why? This is your opportunity to tell us. The goal is to have an open discussion about the value of face-to-face events for teachers, academic institutions, and the ELT industry. Join us, have your say, share, collaborate.
23 -24 Oct 2017 Balikpapan, Indonesia NEW! 2017 International Conference on Education and Technology [ICEduTech] The main goal of the 2017 ICEduTech is to provide an opportunity for academicians and professionals from various education and technology related fields from all over the world to come together and learn from each other.
30 -31 Oct 2017 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia NEW! ICT4L: International Conference on Teaching and Learning, Language, Literature & Linguistics The technical program is rich with two keynote speeches that will talk about the theme, “Educating Future Minds: Issues & Strategies”.  The ICT4L 2017 will provide a wonderful forum for you to refresh your knowledge base and networking opportunities by meeting and interacting with other researchers.


Australia and New Zealand 

Date Location Details
10 Oct 2017 Perth, Western Australia Creating beautiful learning environments for children How to find beauty in an early childhood setting. ‘It is time to clean up our act and provide children with an amazing educational environment, which lifts their spirit. Although, provisioning this space can be challenge for a number of reasons, including the absence of a vision, a lack of inspiration regarding what the space can look like, or a lack of synergy amongst the team.
11-13 Oct 2017 Hamilton, New Zealand uLearn17 Join New Zealand educators in 2017 for a highly relevant, inclusive, and practical conference that caters for educators from early years, primary, secondary, and tertiary sectors.
20 Oct 2017 Stanmore, NSW NEW! Positive Teaching Practices This course is designed for teachers at all stages of their career who are looking to improve their teaching practice and connections with students.
20-21 Oct 2017 Sydney, NSW NEW! FlipCon Australia 2017 This is a national conference embracing Flipped Learning. Emerging and established flipped educators will want to attend this concentrated, high touch, hands-on conference.
27- 28 Oct Sydney, NSW NEW! The Social Learning Conference This two-day conference will bring together academics, educators, researchers, instructional designers, technology specialists and government officials to participate in lively discussions, keynotes, and interactive workshops which will provide extensive networking opportunities. The conference will explore social constructivism in computer supported collaborative learning.



Date Location Details
28-29 Sep 2017 Serbia 8th International Conference On eLearning 2017 This international conference serves as International forum for researchers, developers and educators to discuss about technology, innovation and best practices in eLearning, distance education and new learning opportunities. The Conference is focused on Technical Concepts, Instructional Design and Pedagogical and Psychological Aspects of eLearning.
2-3 Oct 2017 Denmark ICPEET 2017 : 19th International Conference on Preschool Education and Educational Technology Bringing together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Preschool Education and Educational Technology.
2-6 Oct 2017 Batumi, Georgia IAEA Conference 2017 Is to be a stage where numerous main themes should be talked over. These are typically Education, Learning, Teaching and Educational Assessment.
4-7 Oct 2017 Denmark Integrating Content and Language in Higher Education The aim of the ICLHE association is to promote exchange of opinions, experiences, initiatives and research concerning the interface between content and language in higher education.



 The Americas 

Date Location Details
7 Oct 2017 D.C., USA WATESOL Conference The theme of the conference is Reimagining English Competence for the 21st Century: A Multilingual SLA Perspective. In this talk, the speaker will reflect on what it means for multilinguals to be communicatively competent and suggest ways in which our pedagogies can respond to it. She will argue that, more and more, developing language for communicating in the 21st century means developing the capacity to use English for transformation and empowerment, so as to be able to claim the right to speak (as Norton Peirce 1995 called it) and to exercise the power to impose meanings (as Bourdieu 1972 called it).
8-12 Oct 2017 Nevada, USA Clute International Conference on Education The conference provides a forum for faculty and administrators to share proven and innovative methods in teaching at all levels of education. In addition to the Conference on Education, they are also hosting an Academic Conference on Business and the Conference on Technology in Education that will be held on the same days, at the same venue.
18-21 Oct 2017 Indiana, USA NEW! Frontiers in Education 2017 A major international conference focusing on educational innovations and research in engineering and computing education.
24 Oct 2017 USA Executive Forum On Digital Learning The Forum will feature industry leaders exploring topics like: the future of the LMS, continuous learning, spaced learning, the shifting world of learning technologies, learning personalization, the data-driven expansion of what learning is, and much more.
27 -29 Oct 2017 Orlando, Florida, USA NEW! ASCD Conference on Educational Leadership The 2017 ASCD Conference on Educational Leadership is focused on three aspects of effective leadership.  Sessions at this event are focused on instructional leadership, leveraging resources, and leading and supporting students and adults.
26 Oct & 4 Nov 2017 Alexandria, Virginia, USA TESOL Advocacy Workshop: Skills for the ELT Professional Ramp up your advocacy efforts! Through this intensive, hands-on workshop, you’ll learn different advocacy strategies; examine your own current advocacy efforts; explore opportunities for growth; and, leave with immediately implementable advocacy plans for you and your community. Two workshop dates available: 26 October and 4 November.


Worldwide (Webinar/Online Conference) 

Date Details
10 Oct 2017 How To Shift Your Learning Culture Through Digital Transformation This webinar focuses on how organisations can shift the perceptions of their in-house training by taking steps to modernise their technical framework and L&D offering. It shows you how to bolster learner engagement through technology, campaigns and more, helping to support a significant change in culture.
18 Oct 2017 Vocabulary Riches for Young Learners Vocabulary learning is a pivotal part of any language development program for young learners both in their home and additional languages.  In this webinar we will briefly cover the importance of vocabulary development for young and very young learners as well as what it means to know a word. We will also explore a wide variety of classroom techniques that will  help children make personal and cognitive connections to the words.
18 & 19 Oct 2017 Here Today, Here Tomorrow: Vocabulary Learning Strategies Join this webinar with Nick Michelioudakis who will be focusing on effective Vocabulary Learning Strategies. The activities can be used at all levels, are extremely simple and require no extra materials or preparation on the part of the teacher.
23 Oct 2017 Separating Difference from Disability This four-week course addresses specific issues in assessment, intervention, and identification strategies that are most effective in separating difference from disability. Participants will learn what tools and strategies are available and appropriate to use. RtI models for English language learners will also be explored, focusing on the interpretation of data gathered during the general education intervention problem-solving process, prior to conducting an evaluation for special education.
25 Oct 2017 Pronounciation Boot Camp: Practical Ideas for Teaching Pronounciation Join best-selling TESOL Press Author Marla Tritch Yoshida for an interactive virtual seminar on 25 October.
27 Oct 2017 TESOL Advocacy Workshop: Skills for the ELT Professional Are you passionate and interested about advocating for English learners and English language educators? Have you attended the TESOL Advocacy and Policy Summit or other events wanting to take the next step in your advocacy efforts? This new and exclusive advocacy workshop will provide you with the necessary tools to take your advocacy efforts to the next level! For one full-day, learn about the different types of advocacy strategies, examine your own current advocacy efforts, and explore opportunities for growth, all in a small, intimate group of other enthusiastic TESOL advocates.
29 Oct 2017 Small Talk With a Purpose: Utilizing the Ford Method to Get Noticed We can move our small talk way beyond the mediocre into a realm of true, meaningful, and memorable conversation by employing the FORD technique – a guaranteed technique to get others talking and interested. In this webinar, you will learn the fine art of how to small talk any person in any environment in three simple steps: Small talk then versus small talk now: the shift and purpose of the new small talk.
1 Nov – 12 Dec 2017 TESOL: Training of Trainers Through this course, you will take time to reflect on your current or would-be program through several key tasks and discussions in an online community, take action to boost your program’s profile and, most importantly, transform your current program using technologies that are suitable for your context’s parameters. You will be introduced to several free online resources to help enhance your English language teacher training program. You will also create an extensive resource guide or module that you can further customize after the course.
2-4 Nov 2017 Leadership Certificate Program at TexTESOL Organized by TESOL International Association (TESOL), this TESOL ELT Leadership Management Certificate Program (LMCP) provides ELT teachers, teacher trainers, and administrators with the latest thinking on building quality ELT organizations and programs through effective leadership, management, and teacher training.
13 Dec 2017 NEW! How To Build A Professional E-Learning Portfolio Join University of California Irvine’s Division of Continuing Education for a free webinar that welcomes Tom Kuhlmann, Chief Learning Architect for Articulate, as he shares why you need an e-learning portfolio and how it will help your career.

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