International Professional Learning Opportunities

Asia and the Pacific

Date Location Details
6 -8 Jan 2018 Osaka, Japan NEW! 2018 International Conference on Information and Education Technology [ICIET 2018] . This conference provides opportunities for delegates to exchange new ideas and application experiences in a face-to-face setting, establish business or research relations, and find global partners for future collaboration
19-20 Jan 2018 Hong Kong NEW! 10th Annual 21st Century Learning Conference 2018 [21CLHK]  An annual event in Hong Kong where teachers, staff and school leaders come together to learn, share and discuss current & emerging topics in education with thought leaders, technology and learning experts, and their peers.
23-25 Jan 2018 Okinawa, Japan NEW! International Symposium on Teaching, Education, and Learning [ISTEL – Winter 2018] Dedicated to providing an international and interdisciplinary platform for educators, researchers, graduate students, practitioners, and leaders to share their research achievements and to discuss developing issues in the field of education. The best opportunity for delegates to establish education or research relationship and to develop global partnerships for future collaboration’.


Australia and New Zealand 

Date Location Details
18 Jan 2018  Brisbane, Queensland NEW! Transforming Schools Conference Achieve educator and student excellence by fundamentally altering your school’s culture and processes. Join acclaimed experts as they share specialised strategies, methods, and next steps for creating a learning environment where everyone succeeds.
19 Jan 2018 Brisbane, Queensland NEW! Embedding Oral Language Across the Curriculum  Supporting teachers to include more quality “learning talk” in classrooms and embed purposeful oral language opportunities across the curriculum.
25 Jan 2018  New Zealand NEW! Teachers Matter Conference Day 2018 This Teachers Matter day will be led by award winning educator and speaker, Karen Boyes who will cover topics including Cultures of Thinking, Growth Mindset, Thinking Dispositions, Visible Thinking Tools, Unpacking the Learning Process and so much more .



Date Location Details
18-20 Jan 2018 Amsterdam, Netherlands NEW! ELMLE Amsterdam 2018 Educators have a forum to learn with and from one another and share ideas that work at this conference catering to the unique strengths and needs of students ages 10-14.


 The Americas 

Date Location Details
4-7 Jan 2018 Honolulu, Hawaii NEW! 16th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Education The main goal of the 2018 Hawaii International Conference on Education is to provide an opportunity for academicians and professionals from various education related fields from all over the world to come together and learn from each other


Worldwide (Webinar/Online Conference) 

Date Details
17 -18 Jan 2018 Do you speak Emoji? This webinar will open the door to activities – from speaking and writing to grammar and vocabulary, and will guarantee turning a ‘crying face’ into ‘tears of joy’. By the end of it I’ll have you all speaking emoji
13/15 Feb 2018 Using games for win-win learning Dice, dominoes, board games, card games, action games, treasure hunts – games and gamelike activities can all add competition, collaboration and communication to your classroom. In this webinar we’ll look at the key elements that go into a good language learning game, when and why they add impact to a lesson, and how to create your own.


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