International Professional Learning Opportunities

Worldwide (Webinar/Online Conference) 

Date Details
20 May 2020 NEW! Revolutionizing Language Learning With Creative Writing This virtual seminar cheerfully and optimistically hopes to change the way writing is approached in English language learning programs (from elementary schools to programs in higher education) by demonstrating the power of creative writing.
24 May 2020 NEW! Teaching Green Real-World Tasks in the ESL Classroom Are you someone who supports environmentally friendly initiatives? Do you have students who come from countries where Canada’s standards for such things as recycling are unfamiliar to them? Do you wonder how to incorporate environment education into your lesson plans? If so, please join us for this webinar.
31 May 2020 NEW! Free Online Learning Platforms 2020: A Critical Look at What’s Available Online learning has never been more important than it is now. While there may be hundreds of online learning platforms, with more being developed all the time, the question is, what works best for our purposes?
11 June 2020 NEW! Webinar: Conflict Resolution in the Classroom This engaging and practical webinar will give you the tools and strategies to manage classroom conflict with ease, including using positive communication, active listening and problem-solving skills. Master the strategies of conflict prevention and management to create positive learning environments for all your students.
11 June 2020 NEW! What’s the big idea? Understanding & using English concepts Using English concepts: How can we use them to ensure quality English teaching and learning in our classrooms?  Presented by Michael Murray and Dr Lorraine Beveridge at this special time to enable the whole staff to join.

Online Courses

Date Details
18 May 2020 NEW! Supporting English Learners With Exceptional Needs This course will engage you in important discussions and answer difficult questions about issues facing education professionals who work English learners with exceptional needs. Get the answers you need in this interactive 6-week program.
18 May 2020 NEW! English for Teaching Purposes Thinking about teaching your university subject in English but it’s not the Language you normally use? Then, English for teaching purposes is the course for you. A course on English and teaching methodology that aims to help university lecturers do their teaching in English, in line with university internationalisation policies.
1 June 2020 NEW! Understanding IELTS: Speaking This course focuses on the speaking test. You’ll look in detail at the three parts of the test and learn about the four criteria that will be used to assess your spoken English.
1 June 2020 NEW! Understanding IELTS: Reading This course focuses on the reading test. You’ll explore the format of the test and the kinds of text you need to read, and develop learning strategies to help you tackle the different task types, from multiple choice to true, false, and not given.
1 June 2020 NEW! Teach English Now! Second Language Listening, Speaking, and Pronunciation In this course, you will be introduced to some of the challenges of teaching and learning listening and speaking, such as paralinguistics, performance variables, reduced and regional forms, and differing types of oral discourse. Don’t worry–you’ll learn what those mean, too!

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