International Professional Learning Opportunities

Asia and the Pacific

Date Location Details
15-17 April 2020 India NEW! 2020 Groningen Declaration Network Annual Meeting Under the broad theme of Using Innovation to Disrupt: Creating a Sustainable Digital Ecosystem for Learners, stakeholders from around the globe will meet to share experiences, insights and innovations on student mobility, digital credentials and collaborative activities taking place around the world.
24-27 May 2020 Tokyo NEW! The 11th Asian Conference on Arts & Humanities [ACAH2020] This event will afford an exceptional opportunity for renewing old acquaintances, making new contacts, networking, and facilitating partnerships across national and disciplinary borders.
27-29 May 2020 China NEW! 2020 5th International Conference on Psychology and Behavioural Sciences [PSYBEHAV2020] An optimal platform for academic communications, exchange of ideas and inspirations between specialists and scholars in the fields related to psychology and behavioural sciences, including hot issues such as psychological testing, cognitive science and neuroscience.
5-8 June 2020 Japan NEW! ICFET 2020 This conference provides opportunities for delegates from different areas to exchange new ideas, applications and experiences face to face, to establish business or research relations, and to find global partners for future collaboration.
18-20 June 2020 Indonesia NEW! IB Leadership Institute Essentials of International Leadership will help you hone your leadership and navigate the complex international education arena. Our evidence-based curriculum helps you craft a personalized leadership platform adaptable to a variety of educational contexts.


Australia and New Zealand 

Date Location Details
4 May 2020 Perth NEW! Early Career Teacher Program [Perth] The ECTP is designed to support teachers in the first few years of teaching to thrive in their profession. The ECTP includes Working effectively with a mentor, Learning from others, Understanding the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, Collecting and annotating portfolio evidence to transition from provisional to full registration, Working with Parents, Classroom Management and The longevity of your career.
5 May 2020 Perth NEW! Effective Pedagogy — High Impact Strategies [Perth] This 1 day professional learning experience will explore a range of learning strategies students need to succeed. The program is designed to engage participants and support them to grow and better understand how to implement high impact strategies in their classrooms.
8 May 2020 Brisbane NEW! The Australian Women’s Leadership Symposium [Brisbane] The Australian Women’s Leadership Symposiums are a national series of events focused on the experiences of women leaders in the contemporary workforce.
11-13 May 2020 Melbourne NEW! 2020 Global Academic Programs Conference This three-day scientific conference centres our attention on the theme – New Frontiers – Leading Inspired Cancer Care. We are looking forward to highlighting global collaborations that bring to light clinical and translational research, population health and government engagement initiatives.
13 May 2020 Queensland NEW! Accidental Counsellor Training [Rockhampton] The Accidental Counsellor Training for anyone not trained as a counsellor but often finding themselves in counselling situations by accident. The Accidental Counsellor Training will focus on 3 core themes : Wellbeing, Connection and Influence.



Date Location Details
21-23 April 2020 Ireland NEW! Ireland International Conference on Education [IICE] 2020 The aim of IICE is to provide an opportunity for academicians and professionals from various educational fields with cross-disciplinary interests to bridge the knowledge gap, promote research esteem and the evolution of pedagogy.
7-8 May 2020 Sweden NEW! 8th Stockholm International Conference of Research in Vocational Education and Training A forum for discussion and dissemination of state of the art research in VET. A space for international networking and cooperation, part of the yearly academic events of VETNET [The European network of research in Vocational Education and Training].
21-22 May 2020 United Kingdom NEW! International Conference on Higher Education Aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Higher Education.
1-3 June 2020 Spain NEW! International Summit on the Teaching Profession 2020 [ISTP2020] In this age of accelerations, where the demands on the competences [knowledge, skills, attitudes and values] of citizens and workers are evolving ever more rapidly, the risk that some students, teachers and schools [including those in vocational and educational training] could fall behind has never been greater.
9-10 June 2020 United Kingdom NEW! Future Edtech Future EdTech is a highly interactive two-day conference for higher education leaders and practitioners who want to keep up with the trends and know what really works. Through real-world case studies, panel debates, unconference sessions and out-of-the-box keynotes, we will venture into the world of leading-edge pedagogy, with digital technologies helping students personalise their learning journey and higher education experience.


 The Americas 

Date Location Details
30 March-1 April 2020 USA 2020 NCSM Annual Conference Connect. Collaborate. Commit. Moving Mathematics Leadership into the New Decade. Network with fellow mathematics education leaders, coaches, and teachers; attend sessions you are most interested in, discover emerging trends in math education, and visit with booth exhibitors who will showcase new materials and resources.
1 April 2020 USA NCTM Research Symposium The Research Symposium will include A series of RIO Talks [Reflection, Impact, and Opportunity] to recognise, celebrate, and challenge the mathematics education research community; Roundtable paper sessions will be organised to increase the opportunities for connection, dialogue, and learning from others; and Poster presentations will also be grouped to encourage connections and dialogue around shared interests.
3-5 June 2020 USA NEW! Higher Education Innovation Summit 2020 The summit will give you the opportunity to Explore and share innovations in higher education, collectively considering evidence, emerging best practices and challenges; Promote affordable innovation in higher education by connecting imaginative educators for conversation; Accelerate learning research in higher education through collaboration across campuses and disciplines, producing evidence for innovation; Build and sustain a culture of creativity and well-being among innovative campus communities.
11-12 June 2020 USA NEW! 2020 Summer Global Symposium on Women’s Leadership This symposium is designed as a seminar for presentation of papers and ideas regarding gender equity and fairness in leadership opportunities in the social and economic structures of society.
28 June – 1 July 2020 USA NEW! ISTE20 – EdTech Conference The ISTE20 program is packed with sessions on education’s most critical topics. Personalise your learning journey by choosing from over 1 300 sessions’. Pre-conference Day on 27 June 2020.


Worldwide (Webinar/Online Conference) 

Date Details
15 April 2020 Continued Professional Development, the Glitter and Gold Velg Training. ‘Thinking about professional development as an ongoing and continued investment that goes beyond compliance is an important consideration. This webinar will explore the requirements for Trainers and Assessors to participate in ongoing VET sector and industry PD.
16 April 2020 NEW! Blending Online with Face to Face Training  VET professionals have devoted considerable time and resources to improving their understanding and application of blended learning models. In this webinar, participants will learn more about the practices we deploy to ensure online and face-to-face delivery are well integrated, workable and effective. They’ll investigate blended teaching practice and how to apply this to their own classes.
20-24 April 2020 NEW! Designing a Flipped Classroom Flipping the classroom is currently one of the most popular trends in education at all levels! In this workshop, you will explore different flipped design models and the educational benefits of the flipped design. You will gain a deeper understanding of how to implement this strategy into your own teaching.
22 April 2020 NEW! A Framework for Including Writing In Any Content Area Mention writing to a non-ELA teacher and the first thing that often comes to mind is report or essay. Join me to think about daily and weekly writing strategies that anyone can implement to ensure that writing is happening in fun, easy, and natural ways across all content areas.
22 April 2020 NEW! Engaging international and culturally diverse students Discover what is important in managing performance to get the best from your team and what you can do when people ‘go off track’. This highly interactive workshop offers strategies, processes and tips for conducting performance conversations, building productivity and handling under-performance.
5 May 2020 NEW! The Importance of Self-Care to Prevent Burnout Learning the secrets to not only fitting self-care into our days and weeks but finding the things that bring us joy can decrease stress, increase energy, and help keep us mentally and physically healthy. In this unmissable session, participants will learn self-care tools and strategies to help bring more balance and alignment into your work and home life.


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