International Professional Learning Opportunities

Worldwide (Webinar/Online Conference) 

Date Details
21/23 May 2018 NEW! Cambridge Assessment Webinar Series Many learners think that being successful language learner is down to natural ability. Such beliefs can have a negative impact on learning outcomes. In this webinar we will talk about how teachers can create an encouraging environment to help learners develop strong and healthy self-beliefs about themselves and English learning.
27  May 2018 NEW!  Simplifying Literacy Assessment Tasks This webinar will showcase a new PBLA-aligned Literacy assessment generating toolkit that was created to support Literacy teachers in programs following the PBLA curriculum/guidelines. It complements the Conestoga College LINC Assessment Generating Toolkit.
30 May 2018 NEW! Pedagogy, Frameworks & Technology: Learning in the Digital Age – Part One This is a 3-part series, with each session building upon the previous one(s). It will therefore be important to be at each one, or watch the video of any earlier one(s) prior to attending a live session in the series. There will be some interactive activities built into each section. Participants can also look forward to having templates and other resources to help them with their planning.

Asia and the Pacific

Date Location Details
7-12 May 2018 Miyazaki,  Japan Language Resources and Evaluation Conference The European Language Resources Association is happy to invite you to participate in the 11th Edition of its Language Resources and Evaluation Conference. The Conference, Workshops and Tutorials will be held at the Phoenix Seagaia Resort during the week of 7 to 12 May 2018.
8-9 May 2018 Surabaya, Indonesia Language in the Online & Offline World 6: The Fortitude Being held successively, this coming LOOW 6 conference selects the theme: The Fortitude. The objective of the conference is challenging people to have mental and emotional strength in confronting the hazards and struggles of the online and offline languages (verbal and/or visual) used in education, business communication, media, and cultural studies.
11-13 May 2018 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia NEW! GEN TEFL 2018: The 3rd GEN TEFL International Conference The 3rd GEN TEFL International Conference welcomes papers discussing new research, new forms of contexts for learning, and new types of collaboration among academics and practitioners from wide range of disciplines and educational settings that explore a rich and diverse view on ELT Policies and Practices.
18 May 2018 Kaohsiung City, Taiwan NEW! 2018 International Forum on CLIL This conference aims to integrate the contributions of scholars, researchers and practitioners in different ESP contexts, to promote international cooperation in tourism and hospitality, and to enhance teachers’ professional and educational development. The theme is all about Integrating Content and Language in Higher Education: Perspectives and Direction is Asian Contexts.
19-20 May 2018 Tokyo, Japan NEW! JALT PanSIG 2018  The 17th Annual Conference of the Special Interest Groups of the Japan Association for Language Teaching The conference brings together leading scholars and practitioners in language education from Japan, Asia, and throughout the world. It is meant to be a smaller, more intimate conference than the annual international JALT conference (which is held each fall), and is a place where SIG members can network with each other.


Australia and New Zealand 

Date Location Details
15-16 May 2018 Sydney, Australia Implementing the Teacher Education Reforms  The Implementing the Teacher Education Reforms conference will focus on Creating mutually beneficial partnerships between Universities and Schools; Embedding measurement of impact in your teaching course; and Embedding teacher performance assessments in schools.
18 May 2018 Canberra, Australia NEW! Tots & Tech : Challenges for early childhood in a digital age  We will explore the potential benefits and downsides of media and technology use in early childhood and ask – What role can technology play in helping children develop well? in promoting creativity? in supporting learning? What are the potential impacts on relationships? Are there problem levels of use?
19 May 2018 Geelong, Victoria NEW! CBCA Victorian State Congress 2018  The conference program is designed to delight educators and librarians with the power and pleasure of literature for students from pre school to Year Nine. Particular attention will be given to alignment to the literature stream of the national curriculum for English.
22-23 May 2018 Sydney, Australia NEW! Designing and Implementing Innovative Learning Spaces  The conference will provide practical strategies for schools to optimise their spaces at every stage and equip learners with the necessary 21st century skills and knowledge. Hear insights from education experts, architecture firms, government bodies and leading schools to learn how you can ensure the success of innovative learning environments.
25-26 May 2018 East Perth, Australia NEW! CONSTAWA 2018  CONSTAWA provides opportunities for Primary and Secondary teachers of science to engage with excellent keynote speakers and presenters across a range of motivating and thought-provoking topics.



Date Location Details
11-12 May 2018 Barcelona, Spain InnovateELT Conference For our 4th annual InnovateELT conference we want to focus on the role of fun in learning and teaching. At iELT18, we want to explore these questions in more detail, leaving you with a clearer sense of where, when and how fun might be incorporated into the experience of learning (and teaching) English.
19 May 2018 Perth, Scotland NEW! SATEFL: Pronunciation teaching in Scotland: what, why and how Pronunciation can be regularly overlooked in the Scottish EFL classroom.. This series of presentations aims to discuss the realities of teaching pronunciation in Scotland and will have suggestions for models, materials and strategies to share with learners.
26 May 2018 Dublin, Ireland NEW! ELT Ireland/TDSIG – Tackling the four big challenges of teacher development A one-day teacher development event looking at four big challenges: engagement, usefulness, visibility, sustainability.
30 May 2018 Glasgow, United Kingdom NEW! BALEAP Testing Workshop The aim of this workshop is for participants to consider a definition of EAP assessment and then to focus on the creation of tests of reading and listening. In the interests of collaboration it is hoped that participants will engage in full discussion and exchange of ideas stimulated by the programme.


 The Americas 

Date Location Details
12 May 2018  

Wolfville, Canada


TESL Nova Scotia Spring 2018 Conference The conference theme: From Theory to Practice. Is there a movement, or progression from one to the other? Couldn’t practice inform theory? Or, does this theme cast a wide net and represent a range of ideas and everything in between? This conference seeks to tap into the collective training and experience of our membership to share what works, how it works, and why it works.
21-24 May 2018 Maryland, USA NEW! Learning Impact Leadership Institute 2018  The 12th annual Learning Impact Leadership Institute, where the best thinking in education technology comes together to make progress towards enabling better digital learning experiences.
26 May 2018 Toronto, Canada NEW! TOSCON18 Our focus for TOSCON has always been to provide gripping and relevant sessions for all our attendees.  This year, we have topics that we are sure will enhance your knowledge of ELT and practices within the classroom.
27 May – 2 Jun 2018 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania NEW! NAFSA Annual Conference and Expo The conference will feature outstanding educational and professional development opportunities and a world-class expo hall.

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