International Professional Learning Opportunities

Asia and the Pacific

Date Location Details
30 April – 2 May 2019 United Arab Emirates THE Asia Universities Summit 2019 This summit will unite leaders of Asia’s best institutions with industry executives, policymakers and star researchers for three days of debate and discussion that will address challenges and frame the agenda for growth. The 2019 summit theme will highlight the importance of inter-Asian partnerships as the vital networks of our era.
1-2 May 2019 Japan World Nursing Education Conference 2019 This conference will provide a number of unexampled opportunities to guide your career. You can learn new passages to nursing practice, calibrate your intelligences and work with new technologies and gain ideas from experts at the forepart of Healthcare and Medicine’. 25 tracks available for conference sessions.
8-10 May 2019 China NEW! Highered Global Talent Summit 2019 The conference will bring together career services and human resource professionals in an unprecedented, unique forum in China to strategise on their global recruitment initiatives and hiring objectives.
10-11 May 2019 Sri Lanka NEW! Asia International Conference on Multidisciplinary Research 2019 AIMR’19 is a premier knowledge building event in Multidisciplinary Research in South Asia and this event is for its thought-leading and cutting-edge content, unequalled networking opportunities among the participants and presenter friendly academic environment.
16-17 May 2019 Taiwan NEW! 2nd International Conference on Global Challenges of Traditional Education and Distance Learning 2019 This conference will discuss about social and community studies tracks, arts track and issues of multidisciplinary field collaboration with business and economics emerging trends.


Australia and New Zealand 

Date Location Details
1-3 May 2019 Australia Student Service Centres Conference 2019 The Higher Education landscape is constantly changing and evolving particularly related to enhancing the Student Experience through our service delivery. Student expectations are increasingly becoming more demanding and Universities are striving to achieve a more seamless experience, however modern service delivery is being influenced by industry trends, changing consumer behaviours and technology disrupters.
2-3 May 2019 Australia NEW! 2019 ACEL Early Childhood Conference 2019 This conference will focus on the various factors that contribute to the development of the whole learner, from the early years and onwards with a focus on inclusion.
6 May 2019 Australia NEW! Clarity – What Matters MOST in Learning, Teaching, and Leading [Sydney] Bringing ‘CLARITY’ to the elements that sharpen precision-in-practice ensures knowing ‘where to next’. How to gain ‘Clarity’ is based on a set of interrelated concepts deployed within an evidence-proven framework and implemented consistently and reflectively across systems, schools and classrooms.
7-8 May 2019 Australia NEW! 4th Annual Online and eLearning Summit 2019 The online education market in Australia has grown by almost 20% and is expected to be worth $5.3 billion by 2019. With this in mind, the Online & e-Learning Summit has been developed to discuss strategies to create innovative digital and blended learning tools that increase engagement and student learning outcomes.
10-11 May 2019 Australia NEW! 2019 ECA Reconciliation Symposium The symposium brings the matter of reconciliation in early childhood into the spotlight and works towards a better future for all Australians. The symposium will be held over two days and the format will be highly interactive.
17 Jun 2019 WA NEW! Noongar Language talk 2019 is the UNESCO International Year of Indigenous Languages. Noongar is a language spoken across the south west of Western Australia – the Noongar nation. Fluent Noongar speakers dwindled as colonisation took over, but more recently Noongar language is being revived through language courses. In this talk you will hear Denise Smith-Ali talk about the work she and the Noongar Boodjar Language Cultural Aboriginal Corporation have been doing to preserve revive and promote the Noongar language.



Date Location Details
2-3 May 2019 Spain 2019 Valencia – VETNET This conference will have a focus on pedagogies before the changing world of work and will take place in May 2019 in Valencia, Spain.
2-4 May 2019 Greece NEW! International Conference on Computer Supported Education [CSEDU 2019] A yearly meeting place for presenting and discussing new educational tools and environments, best practices and case studies on innovative technology-based learning strategies, and institutional policies on computer supported education including open and distance education.
9-11 May 2019 Portugal NEW! Creative Commons Global Summit 2019 We’ve grown the CC Global Summit every year as hundreds of leading activists, advocates, librarians, educators, lawyers, technologists, and more have joined us for discussion and debate, workshops and planning, talks and community building. It’s a can’t-miss event for anyone interested in the global movement for the commons.
13-15 May 2019 Germany NEW! Going Global 2019 Going Global is a conference for leaders in international education to debate the future of further and higher education. The conference works at providing a unique platform for knowledge sharing while connecting local, national, regional and global agendas.
20-22 May 2019 Denmark NEW! LiHE 2019 [Teaching and Learning Innovations in Higher Education] We call upon teachers, researchers, and relevant professionals in higher education to join forces and submit their Teaching and Learning Innovations for inclusion in this inspiring international book of the highest quality.


 The Americas 

Date Location Details
2-4 May 2019 Canada Physical and Health Education National Conference 2019 This premiere national event brings together physical and health education teachers, physical activity leaders and sector expertise to support our collective goal of all children and youth in Canada living healthy, physically active lives.
5-7 May 2019 USA 2019 AACSB Redesigning the Undergraduate Curriculum This conference features curricular initiatives to help schools navigate an environment of intense competition, financial constraints, growing employer expectations, and disruptive technologies. Learn from a diverse range of schools as they share content and best practices in critical areas of curriculum design and implementation.
12-17 May 2019 Canada ISfTE 2019 We look forward to providing ISfTE members with an engaging, productive, and memorable space to exchange knowledge and views about contemporary and future issues in teacher education and educational research
13-17 May 2019 USA The Web Conference 2019 This conference aims to provide the world with a premier forum for discussion and debate about the evolution of the Web, the standardisation of its associated technologies, and the impact of those technologies on society and culture.
20-23 May 2019 USA NEW! Learning Impact Leadership Institute This is the only gathering for higher education, K-12, and edtech providers of all sizes where all communities are integrated and have an equal voice in shaping our digital learning ecosystem for the benefit of all.


Worldwide (Webinar/Online Conference) 

Date Details
30 April 2019 What’s New in the Best Practices Directory in 2019 One year ago, we held a webinar to introduce members to the TESL Ontario Directory of Best Practices resources. Now, one year later, the program manager for this project will update us on what’s new in the site’s content. Come and learn about the full range of what’s available for your teaching practice and professional learning.
1 May 2019 NEW! ASLA Webinar ASLA will continue to provide high quality professional development in the form of regular online webinars. It is possible to update your skills and knowledge of current issues relevant to teacher librarians in the comfort of your own home.
4 May 2019 Designing language classes and tasks with learner engagement in mind This webinar will explain why engagement is so important for contemporary language educators to understand. The main focus will be on exploring a number of principles and concrete actions that can inform task design to capture and maintain learners’ attention.
7 May 2019 Assessing critical and creative thinking [ACSA]a This session demonstrates how student thinking, including critical and creative thinking, can be targeted, developed and assessed using existing knowledge and tools. It will also show how it can be aligned to national and state standards and descriptors.

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