International Professional Learning Opportunities

Asia and the Pacific

Date Location Details
23-26 Jan 2019 Cambodia CALA 2019 – Conference on Asian Linguistic Anthropology This conference seeks to respond to concerns by those within respective fields, Linguistics, Anthropology, Sociolinguistics, Sociology, Cultural studies, and of course Linguistic Anthropology. These concerns include the reduced (opportunity for) focus on Asian regions and work by Asian academics, largely contributable to issues of funding and expertise.
25-26 Jan 2019 Hong Kong NEW! 1st International Conference on Open Learning and Education Technologies [ICOLET] 2019 A multi-disciplinary forum discussing theories, research findings and new advances in the field of education with a special focus on learning technologies and open education.
25-27 Jan 2019 Hong Kong NEW! International Conference on Education Management and Administration [ICEMA] 2019 This conference aims to provide opportunities for the delegates to exchange new ideas and application experiences face to face, to establish Education Management and Administration and to find global partners for future collaboration.
31-1 Jan 2019 Iran NEW! The Third International Conference on Current Issues of Languages, Dialects and Linguistics The conference will be dedicated to current issues of different languages and dialects such as English, Arabic, Spanish, German and Turkish.
16-17 Feb 2019 Cambodia NEW! The 15th Annual CamTESOL Conference on English Language Teaching  This conference aims to have professional development opportunity accessible to Cambodian teachers of English from the provinces as well as colleagues from South East Asia through sponsorship funding made available by generous individuals and institutions.


Australia and New Zealand 

Date Location Details
24-27 Jan 2019 New Zealand NEW! 8th International Art in Early Childhood Conference The conference aims to promote and encourage best teaching practice in visual art education for young children, and to encourage dialogue among early childhood teachers and academics about the importance of visual art education for enhancing young children’s learning in the 21st century.
25 Jan 2019 Australia NEW! Teaching Mathematics Through a Growth Mindset This workshop is recommended for teachers who have some anxiety towards maths and would like to find simple ways to teach the Australian Curriculum that fosters mathematical thinking in their classrooms. Or alternatively, teachers who love mathematics and would love to develop strategies for increasing engagement for students.
29-31 Jan 2019 Australia NEW! 12th Australasian Conference on Health Informatics and Knowledge Management This conference aims to bring together researchers from the computational intelligence, big health data analytics, health information management and knowledge management in healthcare.
29-31 Jan 2019 Australia NEW! 21st Australasian Computing Education Conference 2019 A conference on research, teaching, and innovation in computing education in its various aspects, at all levels, and in all contexts. ACE is the only Australasian conference devoted entirely to education in Computing.
30-31 Jan 2019 Australia NEW! Academic Learning and Administration in Higher Education Conference 2019 Sydney This conference aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Academic Learning and Administration in Higher Education.



Date Location Details
21-23 Jan 2019 United Kingdom Academic International Conference on Multi-Disciplinary Studies and Education The overall objective of the conference is to provide a platform and stimulate discussion on issues surrounding education, gender studies, environmental studies, urban and regional studies, philosophy, social justice and sociology, business management and law in related areas.
25-26 Jan 2019 Spain NEW! The Art and Science of Middle School 2019 [ELMLE] This conference aims to give opportunities to share the work that is going on in various international schools across Europe and beyond. Educators have a forum to learn with and from one another and share ideas that work at this conference catering to the unique strengths and needs of students aged 10-14’.
30-31 Jan 2019 France NEW! Learning Technologies France 2019 This conference will gather everyone who is involved in workplace learning in one place: 150 exhibitors, 5000 visitors from the learning and HR sector and a collection of free seminars with expert speakers sharing their experience, live demos and workshops to give visitors all the tools they need to take their digital learning strategy forward.
6-10 Feb 2019 Netherlands NEW! CERME11 – Congress of the European Society for Research in Mathematics Education This conference aims to bring together people active in the field of mathematics education research from all over Europe, and beyond.
16-17 Feb 2019 Ireland NEW! ELT Ireland Annual Conference This conference aims to improve professional development in English language teaching through regular events held all over Ireland, including education and development talks (by teachers, for teachers), article writing forums, and conferences as well as ELTChinwag, a bi-monthly Twitter chat.


 The Americas 

Date Location Details
20-23 Jan 2019 USA 2019 AIEA Annual Conference This conference is specifically for those leading international education at higher education institutions. Its aim is to inspire keynotes on trends influencing the future of the field  and to create opportunities to network with colleagues who are leading strategy for comprehensive internationalization;.
23-24 Jan 2019 USA Carnegie Higher Education Marketing Conference 2019 This interactive and inspiring conference is unlike any other in higher education. Don’t miss out as industry-leading experts join us to explain how you can use today’s top marketing strategies in your student recruitment plans and tell your story.
27-30 Jan 2019 USA NEW! Future of Education Technology Conference [FETC] This conference  will feature industry experts and unrivalled agenda content, an Expo Hall filled with the latest and greatest solutions, and a community of thousands eager to network with like-minded peers.
29 Jan – 2 Feb 2019 USA NEW! CEC 2019 Convention & Expo Connect with other special educators with whom you can exchange ideas, skills, resources, and practices. Have access to the most cutting-edge technology and the newest resources for your classroom in the Expo Hall.
1-4 Feb 2019 USA NEW! 2019 CCID Annual Conference This conference will challenge participants and presenters to explore how connecting resources, ideas, and opportunities promote global citizenship at community, technical, and vocational colleges worldwide.


Worldwide (Webinar/Online Conference) 

Date Details
20 Jan 2019 Creating Digital Scavenger Hunts In this webinar the instructor will run a scavenger hunt, where students can use their smart phones or tablets to participate. Digital scavenger hunts are a treasure in the gamify education space.
27 Jan 2019 Leadership: Does the Literature Match Up With the Classroom Experience?

This webinar’s goal is to familiarize members with some of the academic literature on leadership in educational organizations, and to help them think about and apply this knowledge in their own daily experiences.

19 Feb 2019 NEW! Teaching English with Blockchain Technology This webinar is a product/service presentation about blockchains, the technology on which cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin run. It will explain what they are, how they work, and their applications to the ESL industry.

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