New Report Launched

Patsy Konigsberg and Adriano Truscott have now launched the report of the research both have been working on over the recent years. The Understanding Stories My Way’: Aboriginal-English speaking students’ (mis)understanding of school literacy materials in Australian English was launched by the Chairperson Western Australian Aboriginal Education and Training Council, Ms Carol Garlett, on Friday 27 July 2012. This report is a result of a research project conducted by Farzad Sharifian, Adriano Truscott, Patricia Konigsberg, Ian G Malcolm and Glenys Collard. The project which was coordinated at the Education department by Adriano and managed by Patsy Konigsberg investigated the degree to which the failure of Aboriginal students to achieve equitable outcomes is due to the differences that exist between the cultural-conceptual basis of Aboriginal English and the Standard Australian English (SAE) reflected in school literacy materials. In Professor Ian Malcolm’s words, who co-lead the research with Professor Farzad Sharifian, this report

“extends the borders of knowledge and, most important, it provides a basis for immediate practical implementation to bring about change which could have a transformative effect on learning for Aboriginal students.”

Findings and teaching suggestions are included in this report and available through the institute for Professional Learning.