About Us

WATESOL is a not-for-profit incorporated association representing the interests of teachers and learners of EALD across Western Australia.

Our members teach at primary, secondary and/or tertiary institutions and come from the ELICOS sector, adult migrant colleges, Catholic Education, Independent schools, and Education Department of WA.

The Committee 2015-2016

President Natalie Tarr, K-6 Department of Education,Highgate PS

Vice President Kate Simeon, Aranmore Catholic College, Catholic Education

Treasurer Joanne Allan, Department of Education

Secretary Belinda Stewart, Cyril Jackson Senior Campus, Department of Education

ACTA Representatives Sophia Sabatier, Department of Education, Kate Simeon,Aranmore Catholic College

E-Newsletter Editor Natalie Tarr, 

General Committee Members

Khalin Driver, Willeton Senior High School, Department of Education

Marina Murdock, EAL/D Support Teacher Primary Department of Education

Mishayla Webber, Cyril Jackson Senior Campus, Department of Education (WATESOL representative on SCSA’s CAC Panel)

Sophia Sabatier, Department of Education

Shannon Helbig, Cyril Jackson Senior Campus, Department of Education

Maria Doyle,  Independent Consultant

Annette Hatton

Graydon Smith




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