About Us

WATESOL is a not-for-profit incorporated association representing the interests of teachers and learners of EALD across Western Australia.

Our members teach at primary, secondary and/or tertiary institutions and come from the ELICOS sector, adult migrant colleges, Catholic Education, Independent schools, and Education Department of WA.

WATESOL has been serving the West Australian TESOL Community for over 30 years. Many members over numerous years have contributed to this. It has consistently hosted professional learning events for its members, providing sponsorships, awards, nominations for awards, networking opportunities, advocating and consulting on behalf of TESOL stakeholders, and hosted national conferences, as well as the 2016 ACTA-ACAL international conference.


The Committee 2020

President Natalie Tarr, Growth Coaching International Consultant

Vice President Kate Simeon, Anglican Schools Commission International

Treasurer Graydon Smith, Consultant

Secretary Melanie Postmus, Aranmore Catholic College, Catholic Education WA

ACTA Representatives Pippa Beetson, Department of Education

Newsletter Editor Natalie Tarr

General Committee Mishayla Webber, (SCSA CAC Panel Representative) Department of Education

General Committee Sophia Sabatier, Sophia’s Choice


8 thoughts to “About Us”

  1. Please do NOT renew my membership automatically.
    No matter how hard I try, this website retains a ‘tick’ in the auto-renewal box.
    Pauline Bunce

  2. Thanks Kate for the 2020 good answers. That will be enough for the Year 12s to work through.
    I have however paid $82 for 2027,2018, 2019 and 2020 from the shop without receiving them. I then repeated the order because I needed it urgently. Hoping someone sends me them all and can reverse one of the orders.
    Much appreciated
    Cheryl grosse

  3. I am having difficulty accessing the Mock Yr12 EAL/D ATAR exam for 2020.
    Can you tell me where I can access once I log in.

  4. Hi Nadira,
    Once you are logged in to your account it is in the Member’s Area.
    Unfortunately there is not Year 11 paper this year as we had no tenders to write it, but last year’s paper is available in the member’s area also.

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